• 1968 to 1969
    Cultural Secretary, Akhandanand College.
  • 1968 to 1969
    Editor, Rashtriya Chikitsa, Published by Akandanand College, Ahemdabad.
  • 1-5-1970 to 24-1-1971
    Services rendered in Tribal areas of Banaskantha district.
  • 25-1-1971 to 23-1-1973
    Serviced at S.M.P. center as M.O. at Sanali, Ta- Danta, Dist- Banaskantha (Tribal area of Gujarat).
  • 24-1-1973 to 30-1-1976
    Serviced at S.M.P. center as M.O. at Kuvarsi, Ta- Danta, Dist- Banaskantha.
  • 31-1-1976 to 30-11-1979
    Vaidyakiya Adhikari, Kuvarsi, Ta- Danta, Dist- Banaskantha.
  • 1-12-1979 to 31-8-1991
    Medical Officer (Class-2), Kuvarsi, Valiyampura and Sector-29, Gandhinagar.
  • 1984 to 1993
    President, Medical Officers’ (Ayu) Association, Gujarat.
  • 1984
    Editor, “Viswa Chikitsa” organized by M.O.Ayu Association, Gujarat.
  • 1985 to 1986
    World tour for canvassing of Ayurved at America, Africa and European countries.
  • 13-6-1988 to 30-6-1989
    I.U.D. insertion programme Gandhinagar.
  • 1-1-1989 to 31-12-1991
    Nominated President, Gandhinagar District Rifle Shooting Association.
  • March 1990
    Represented State of Gujarat at International Seminar at Moka, Mauritius.
  • 20th March 1990
    Submitted Paper on utilities of Ayurved in World Health Programme International Seminar at Mauritius.
  • 22-10-1990 to 10-11-1990
    Attended training programme on Reorientation in Panchkarma at Jamnagar.
  • December 1990
    Attended training programme on Reorientation in Kshar Sutra at Jamnagar.
  • 21-1-1990 to 28-1-1990
    Participated in the Scientific Workshop of the Central Councils Research activities held at Ahemdabad.
  • 18th July 1991
    Elected in the Board of Ayurved and Unani Systems of medicines, Gujarat State.
  • 12-1-1991 to 22-1-1991
    Attended training programme on Shalya Shalakya Reorientation and Practical training at Jamnagar.
  • February 1991
    Nominated as Vice President, World Ayurved Organisation.
  • 11-3-1991 to 10-7-1991
    Immunisation training, Gandhinagar.
  • 1-1-1991 to 1994
    Nominated Vice President, Gandhinagar District Rifle Shooting Association.
  • 16-3-1991 to 17-3-1991
    Participated in 9th All India Ayurved Specialists convention and conference on Swasawrodh and Hridayagrah at Haridwar, UP.
  • 10-4-1992 to 12-4-1992
    Represented Medical Officers (Ayurved) Association, Gujarat State at International Convention on Ayurved at Delhi.
  • 11-3-1993
    Handled Home Guard Health Care training at Gandhinagar.
  • January 1993
    Nominated as Committee Member for selection Committee of Gujarat Board of Ayurved and Unani systems of Medicines, Gujarat State.
  • 1-11-1993 to 31-3-1994
    Deputed to participate in the Research Work in Heart Diseases in the MACL, New Delhi as a Research Officer.
  • 13-1-1994
    Participated in the Research Workshop at MACL at Gwalior, MP, on Hypertension.
  • 14-1-1994 to 15-1-1994
    Organised Ayurved Camp on Heart, Cancer, Kidney and Asthma Diseases at Maharshinagar, Gaziabad, UP.
  • June 1994
    Participated in Scientific Conference on Aids at Junagadh.
  • June 1994
    Reliver, Medical Officer, Gandhinagar.
  • 4-7-1994 to 19-8-1994
    Services rendered at Ayurved Panchkarma Hospital, Idar, Dist- Sabarkantha, as a incharge, Panchkarma Physician and RMO of the Hospital.
  • 20-8-1994
    Services rendered at Bamroj, Ta- Danta, Dist- Banaskantha.
  • 15-3-1995 to 9-4-1995
    Services rendered as Reliver, Medical Officer, Gandhinagar.
  • 10-4-1995 to 30-4-2005
    Worked as Medical Officer, Ayurved Research Center and Ayurved OPD, Civil Hospital, Gandhinagar.
  • 13-2-1999
    Attended National Seminar on Medical Practitioners, held at Saputara, Dang and Submitted paper on “Treatment of Incurable Disease like Heart disease, Aids, etc. by Ayurved”.
  • 1-12-1999
    Nominated President of Gandhinagar District Rifle Shooting Association.
  • 1-12-1999
    Nominated Vice President, Gujarat State Rifle Association, Ahemdabad.
  • 1-1-1999
    Treasurer, SPAC (Society for Promotion of Ayurvedic Consiousness).
  • 19-10-2002
    M.O., Research Officer, Super Speciality Clinic and Research Center (ISM), Gandhinagar, Civil Hospital.
  • 25-7-2003 to 12-9-2003
    Canvasing of Ayurved at U.S.A.
  • 1-1-2005 to 2-1-2005
    Organised Ayurved Camp on Heart, Kidney and Aids Diseases at Vasda (Valsad).
  • 1-5-2005 to 30-9-2005
    Panchkarma Physician (Class-1), at Govt. Ayurved Hospital, Unja.
  • 1-10-2005 to Continued
    Physician, Super Speciality Ayurved Nursing Home and Research Center, Infocity, Gandhinagar.
  • 15-4-2006 to 5-5-2006
    Visit to Srilanka for Canvassing Ayurved awareness and applications throughout the country. Visit to Ayurvedic University at Colombo and Yakkala City.
  • 31-12-2006
    Practical Case Study and Presentation on Kidney and Liver Diseases, at AMA, Ahemdabad, sponsored by Academy of Ayurved Development and Research (AADAR).
  • 9-11-2007 to 18-11-2007
    Visit to Britain for Ayurved Awareness and application throughout the country. Participate in seminar of ayurved and yoga in modern world, conducted by The Holistic Health Foundation of Greece, at Regent’s College, Regent’s park, England, on 10th and 11th of Nov’07.
  • 3-12-2007
    Participated in an International Symposium on Natural Compounds in the Management of Cancer, organized by The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, The Gujarat Cancer Society, The Indian Association for Cancer Research (Gujarat Chapter).
  • 17-10-2009 to 21-10-2009
    Visit to Singapore for Ayurved Awareness and application.
  • 21/10/2009 to 24/10/2009
    Visit to Malaysia for Ayurved Awareness and canvassing herbal utilities.
  • 24-10-2009 to 28-10-2009
    Visit to Thailand for survey of Ayurved application and awareness.
  • 21-9-2013
    Lecture at kalptaru on role of ayurveda in liver desease.
  • 19-1-2014
    Lecture at Conference on Panchgavya Chikitsa.
  • 12-7-2014 to 14-7-2014
    Visit Germany for Awareness of Ayurveda.
  • 15-7-2014
    Visit To Switzerland for Awareness of Ayurveda and role of herbal utilities.
  • 16-7-2014
    Visit to Liechtenstein for Awareness of Ayurveda.
  • 17-7-2014
    Visit to Venice for Awareness of Ayurveda.
  • 18-7-2014 to 19-7-2014
    Visit to Rome for Awareness of Ayurveda.
  • 20-7-2014
    Visit to Geneva for Awareness of Ayurveda.
  • 21-7-2014
    Visit to Paris for Awareness of Ayurveda.
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